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3 Features for a Better Bathroom Reno

Bathrooms are by far, the most popular renovation project we undertake. Here are 3 simple features that can make your bathroom project more functional than you were planning for.

Timer switch

The most important time for your bathroom fan to run is after you are done using the shower or tub. In all of our bathroom projects we put a timer switch on the bathroom fan.

If you’re like me, you either forget to turn on the bathroom fan altogether, or you turn it on and turn it off when you leave the bathroom.

With a timer switch, you simply hit the button for 30 minutes when you walk in to use the shower or bath, and let the timer do the rest. The fan does it’s job and you don’t have to think about. This keeps the moisture from being trapped in your bathroom and preserves the finishes you worked so hard to put in.

Shower niche

We install a shower niche in the majority of our shower and tub surround bathroom renovations. I never really knew how great shower niche’s were until I put on in when I was renovating my bathroom at home.

Our typical shower niche location is at chest height on the wall with the shower valve and shower head. The reason being your shampoo, soap, body wash, conditioner and other bathroom products are right in front of you while you are shower. And since it’s on the wall shared with the plumbing, it doesn’t see as much water build up as it would if it were on the back wall or side wall of the shower.

The end result is a much cleaner shower area that doesn’t have bottles and soaps laying around the side of the tub or hanging from a wire shower rack.

Slide bar shower head

Choosing a shower fixture can be a big task because there are so many to choose from. Clients want something nice but also something functional.

We recommend using the Moen slide bar for our projects because it is a good looking fixture but also serves multiple purposes that life can put in front of you because the slide bar has a detachable shower wand.

I’m 6’3” and my wife is 5’3”. Having the slide bar means we can adjust the slide bar for whoever is in there.

We also have 2 little boys and a dog. Having an adjustable and detachable shower wand means we can use it to wash all of them, not at the same time of course, a little but easier because they get dirtier than they need to despite our best efforts.

The slide bar is also a great feature for more than just kids and dogs or tall and short. My parents are getting older and we put a slide bar with an adjustable want in during their shower renovation along with some grab bars and an adjustable bench.

With the slide bar, my parents can get themselves into the shower, sit on the bench and adjust or remove the wand to shower. It’s just another function for the extremely versatile shower fixture and you don’t have to compromise on look or style.

Parting shots

Bathroom renovations have a ton of features to choose from. These are the 3 specific ones that we advise our clients on being the most functional to consider. They are not as exciting as putting in a double sink or in floor heat, but they won’t break the bank and can make your life easier.

When you’re planning your bathroom renovation, understand that you only want to do this every 15 years or so if you can and make your choices accordingly.

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